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Body Contouring: Why Plastic Surgery Matters After Ozempic Success

Posted by Dr. Samuel J. Beran on Jul 17, 2024 8:00:00 AM


In the ever-evolving health and wellness landscape, there is a new player on the field: Ozempic. Originally developed to manage type 2 diabetes, Ozempic has recently gained attention for its surprising side effect—weight loss. As more individuals turn to this medication to shed unwanted pounds and reclaim their health, there is a growing awareness of the physical changes that accompany this transformation, including sagging breasts and loose skin. However, in plastic surgery, there's hope and opportunity for those seeking to address these concerns.

The Ozempic Phenomenon: A New Approach to Weight Loss

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Topics: Plastic Surgery, Body Procedures, beauty treatment, Ozempic use, weight loss

How Can Aging Women Restore Their Confidence Through Breast Reduction?

Posted by Dr. Samuel J. Beran on Jun 12, 2024 11:00:00 AM


As women journey gracefully through life, their bodies naturally go through transformative changes.

As women gracefully journey through life, their bodies undergo natural changes, marking the passage of time and experiences. Dr. Samuel Beran understands the unique needs and concerns that women face as they age, particularly when it comes to addressing issues such as sagging breasts. With compassion, expertise, and a dedication to empowering women, Dr. Beran offers a range of approaches to breast reduction, helping his patients regain confidence and embrace their beauty at every stage of life.

The Impact of Sagging Breasts on Confidence and Well-Being

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