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Thinking About Having Your Breast Implants Removed?

breast implants removedThinking About Having Your Breast Implants Removed?

For decades, women have wanted larger, fuller breasts and have chosen breast implants as a safe, effective way to get them. These days, however, that trend is reversing in many cases. Women’s lifestyles are changing, as well as what our current culture considers to be attractive and desirable.

Today, smaller breasts that look more natural and realistic are becoming more popular. For this reason, many women are choosing to have breast revision surgery, either to have their breast implants removed or to replace them with a smaller size. This is just one of several breast procedures I perform in my practice. To learn more, click here.

Current trend: removing implants or trading them for smaller ones

In my plastic surgery practice, I’m seeing an increase in requests to have breast implants removed, as well as several patients who want to replace their large implants for smaller ones. Instead of wanting “D cup” breasts, for example, many of my patients now want a C cup or even a B. They still want some breast augmentation, but they want it to be smaller.

Who is a candidate for this procedure?

Any woman who is unhappy with her breast implants might be a good candidate for breast revision surgery. This includes someone who:

  • Got implants in the past but now wants to go “natural”
  • Has had implants for many years and now wants a change
  • Is tired of the weight of large breasts on her back and shoulders that also affects her posture
  • Is in a different stage of life and no longer desires large breasts
  • Has lost weight and wants smaller breasts to match her slimmer shape
  • Has a new appreciation for her body and no longer wants bigger breasts than she was born with

What happens when implants are removed?

Once breast implants have been removed, the breasts will look deflated at first. It takes up to three weeks for breasts to recover their volume. However, gravity and the amount of augmentation will cause the breasts to slump and sag somewhat. For instance, if a woman was formerly a B cup and with implants became a DD, she is more likely to experience more slumping and sagging.

Consider a breast lift at the same time

After breast implant removal, the skin around the breast will lose elasticity and become loose and saggy. For this reason, I often recommend a breast lift to remove excess skin and tighten the surrounding tissue to raise and reshape the breasts. You can learn more about breast lifts here. You can also see before-and-after photos of breast lifts on my website here.

Are there risks with implant removal?

There is a risk of infection following the surgery involved in removing breast implants. Any medical procedure that entails making an incision in the skin can cause infections.

In order to avoid this or any negative outcomes for my patients, I perform all of my surgeries at the Surgical Specialty Center of Westchester, a leading-edge, state-of-the-art facility specifically designed by our group of surgeons to provide the highest level of care, privacy and surgical results in the most technologically advanced facility in the area. 

After implant removal, there is also the possibility of scarring and loss of sensation around the nipples, particularly when the nerves in the nipples accidentally rupture during surgery. On the other hand, in some cases a patient may experience increased nipple sensation, depending on the details of the procedure.

How much does this procedure cost?

Often, one of the first questions my patients ask me when they’re considering having their breast implants removed is how much it will cost. My answer is that there is no one standard price. The type, size and shape of a woman’s implants can differ a great deal. That’s why I determine the exact cost of this surgical procedure after I have met with the patient, evaluated her implants and the skin around them, and talked about her personal goals and expectations. For further pricing details, please contact me.

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Considering having your breast implants removed?

If you are thinking about having breast revision surgery and would like to schedule a free consultation, please contact me and I will send you additional information prior to your appointment. During our consultation, I will examine your implants, discuss with you your reasons for wanting them removed, and talk about your expectations post-surgery. Then together, we will decide if you are a good candidate for implant removal and if so, move forward with plans for the procedure. As a highly-experienced plastic surgeon, my #1 goal is to help you achieve the best “you” you can be. 

Learn more about the many breast procedures I offer

You can find a good deal of information on my website about the many breast procedures available to you: 

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