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6 Important Things To Consider Before Having Tummy Tuck Surgery

6 Important Things To Consider Before Having Tummy Tuck Surgery

For many of my patients, male as well as female, no matter how much they exercise and eat a healthy diet, they can’t seem to get rid of excess weight in their midsection, especially if they’re middle age or older. If you’re experiencing a similar situation in your life, a tummy tuck can be a great solution.

An effective way to win the “battle of the bulge”

Tummy tuck surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that takes loose, flabby skin that has lost its shape and elasticity and transforms it into a flatter, smoother, more toned abdominal surface. It also strengthens weakened stomach muscles, improves the look and shape of the belly button, defines the waist, creates a tighter abdomen, and enables clothes, bathing suits and lingerie to fit more comfortably and attractively. For a more beautiful body, a tummy tuck is just one of the many body sculpting procedures I perform. To learn more, click here.

Note: A tummy tuck can significantly improve your body but will not completely transform your life

Whatever your reasons for having this procedure, a tummy tuck can be a wonderful turning point in your life, boosting your self-esteem and enabling you to feel confident about your body. For some people, having a tummy tuck motivates them to live a healthier lifestyle and let go of some bad habits, such as smoking or binge eating. But as I tell my patients who are considering this surgery, it’s important to understand that a tummy tuck will not give you an entirely new life or suddenly make you look like a supermodel. Your age, muscle tone, body type, amount of fat and the elasticity of your skin will ultimately determine the end result.

Keep in mind these 6 important points before having tummy tuck surgery

  1. Examine your motivation

Before having a tummy tuck, it's important for you to be realistic about your reasons for having this surgery:

a) to lose unwanted fat and bulges in your midsection
b) to achieve a more sculpted, shapely silhouette. You should not expect this surgery to give you an entirely new life.

  1. Manage your expectations

Realize that a tummy tuck won't immediately make you look like a swimsuit model. Your age, muscle tone, skin elasticity, level of fitness, body frame and amount of fat and skin that you want removed all play a part in what the end result will be. Your goal should be to achieve a shapelier, tighter tummy and midsection you’re happy with. 

  1. Be aware of your emotional state

If you're going through an emotional trauma (divorce, depression, loss of a job, death of a loved one), I would strongly recommend against having a tummy tuck until you have had time to work through these issues. For a few days after the surgery, you can expect a certain amount of pain, bruising and discomfort. If you're already feeling low, this can make you feel worse, and can also negatively impact your healing by suppressing your immune system and causing your body to take longer to heal. 

  1. Make sure you have a good support system 

While you are healing from tummy tuck surgery, it’s very important to have supportive people around you who can see you through the challenging first few days and help you with ADLs (activities of daily living). Before scheduling the surgery, I advise patients to line up these support people ahead of time.

  1. Know the risks

Like any surgery, there are routine risks associated with abdominoplasty, such as bleeding, bruising and infection. Make sure that you are fully informed about what you are committing to and that you can handle a temporary setback. If a problem does develop, you will want to have a strong doctor-patient relationship in order to undergo whatever further action needs to be taken.

  1. Have a clear idea of what you want

An open and honest discussion of your goals and a review of before-and-after tummy tuck photos (realistic, unretouched) is critical to a successful outcome. Most importantly, throughout the entire process from initial consultation to post-surgery recovery, I remind my patients to have realistic expectations of what their “new” body will look like so they will be truly happy with their results.

For more details, watch this short video

To learn more about tummy tuck surgery, watch my short video by clicking on the image below.

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Add liposuction for even better results

If you decide to have liposuction at the same time as a tummy tuck, I can remove unwanted fat from around your waist, hips, thighs and buttocks as well as your tummy, resulting in even more dramatic results. In addition, sometimes I can re-use this unwanted fat and transfer it to your buttocks to enhance their size and shape, which is a Brazilian butt lift.

How much does a tummy tuck cost?

My answer to this common question is that there is no one standard price. Recognizing that every person’s body and expectations for tummy tuck surgery are unique to them, I determine the exact cost of a tummy tuck after I have met with the patient, evaluated his/her body type, amount of fat stores, overall physical condition and personal goals and expectations. Then together, we will decide what type of procedure will achieve the best possible results. For further pricing details, please contact me.

I perform my procedures at the Surgical Specialty Center of Westchester

For almost every plastic surgery procedure I perform, I use the Surgical Specialty Center of Westchester. As the standard of excellence in the region, this technologically advanced, leading-edge facility was specifically designed by our group of surgeons (Cosmetic Surgery Associates) to provide our patients with the highest level of care, personal privacy and optimal surgical results. To learn more, watch this short video by clicking on the image below.

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Considering a tummy tuck?

I understand that choosing to have a tummy tuck is an important decision for a person, male or female. I also know how much it means to each and every patient to achieve the results they want. If you are thinking about getting a tummy tuck and would like to schedule a free consultation, please contact me and I will send you additional information prior to your appointment. To make sure you are fully informed about your surgery options and understand exactly what results to expect, I will take all the time you need to make sure your questions are answered.

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