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Addressing Concerns About The Safety of the Brazilian Butt Lift

Addressing Concerns About The Safety of the Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift (also referred to as fat grafting to the buttocks or butt augmentationis a popular and highly effective way to achieve a fuller, firmer, more shapely derrière. It also can help patients attain a more pleasing balance between the shape, size and contour of their backside in proportion to the rest of their body. 

Recently, there have been some concerns regarding the safety of this procedure. When patients ask me if a Brazilian butt lift is safe, my answer is yes. As an experienced plastic surgeon who has performed hundreds of Brazilian butt lifts with very low complication rates, I believe this procedure is very safe. Major risks include 1) pulmonary or fat embolismblood clotfor less than 1% of patients, and 2) anemia.

To learn more about Brazilian butt lift surgery, watch my short 2-minute video by clicking on the button below. And as always, please contact me with any questions or concerns you have about this procedure or any of the body contouring surgeries I offer. 

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Safety standards regarding the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure

Recently, the Multi-Society Task Force for Safety in Gluteal Fat Grafting (ASAPS, ASPS, ISAPS, IFATS, ISPRES), representing board-certified plastic surgeons around the world, released a practice advisory for plastic surgeons performing the BBL procedure. A potentially fatal problem associated with this surgery can occur when fat is inserted into the gluteal muscle rather than into the subcutaneous tissue (under the skin). When the procedure is performed correctly, this problem does not occur and the success rates are very high.

Considering a Brazilian butt lift? 

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