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3 Ways To Eliminate Fat Cells: A Short Video

3 Ways To Eliminate Fat Cells: A Short Video

Something I’ve found to be very helpful for my patients is when I make a short video about a plastic surgery procedure. I describe what happens during the surgery, I talk about the risks as well as the benefits, and I explain what kind of results you should expect (and not expect). To learn more about the range of body sculpting procedures I offer, click here.

Since the most commonly performed procedure in plastic surgery these days is probably liposuction, I’ve made a video about it, as well as 2 other procedures (CoolSculpting and Kybella) that are also very effective at eliminating fat cells from your body. You can read what I talk about (here in this blog) or you can watch my short 2-minute video by clicking on the button below.   

3 Ways To Eliminate Fat Cells

When we’re born, we have a certain number of fat cells in our body

In adolescence, that number will increase. But then after puberty, the number of fat cells you have doesn’t change. Those cells are storage devices for the fat. They can get bigger or smaller, but the number doesn’t change.

Take away fat cells and you have fewer of them to store fat

What many patients want to know is: What happens if you gain weight or lose weight, since you still have the same number of fat cells? This is the beauty of these 3 fat-reducing procedures, all of which are designed to kill fat cells so that they are no longer present in your body.


If you have a certain number of fat cells in an area, say, your tummy, and I go in and liposuction that and remove those cells, they’re no longer there to store the fat. It’s a very small surgery. I make a little incision, and using a medical suction device, I actually remove the fat cells with suction.

When you resume your normal weight, those fat cells aren’t there to increase in size. If you do gain a little weight, the fat cells that are left over from the procedure might increase but liposuction has reduced the number of those cells by 80-90%.


CoolSculpting does the same thing—permanently removes fat cells from your body—by freezing those cells. They eventually die and get absorbed by your body. Unlike liposuction, CoolSculpting is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure.


A Kybella treatment involves injecting a chemical, most commonly into the chin, which destroys fat cells. Similar to CoolSculpting, these cells get absorbed by your body, and the procedure is non-surgical and non-invasive. 

All 3 procedures destroy fat cells, permanently

All 3 of these methods are designed to kill fat cells in a controlled fashion so that they’re no longer there to store fat. Once those fat cells are gone, the fat can’t be stored and your body contour changes are relatively permanent. If you gain weight, you will see an increase in that area but not in the same way that it would have been if we hadn’t eliminated those fat cells.

Are you considering a fat-reduction procedure?

If you are thinking about liposuction, CoolSculpting or Kybella, please contact me for a free consultation where you’ll hear about all your options and have the opportunity to ask questions. I have performed hundreds of these fat-eliminating procedures and am highly experienced in these specialized techniques. Whichever method you choose, I am dedicated to helping you achieve the beautiful shape you desire.

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