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10 Beautiful Reasons Women Are Choosing The IDEAL Implant

10 Beautiful Reasons Women Are Choosing The IDEAL Implant

For women who want larger, fuller breasts, breast implants are a safe, highly successful way to get the breast size they’ve always wanted. In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeonsbreast augmentation is the top cosmetic surgery performed today. Whether it’s increasing a woman’s breast size from an A cup to a C, or a B cup to a D, breast implant surgery can be a wonderful turning point in a woman's lives, boosting her self-esteem, femininity, body image and sexual satisfaction.   

And now, there's a revolutionary new breast implant that gives you both bigger size and peace of mind.

Until now, if you wanted larger breasts, you only had two choices of implants:

  1. You could get silicone implants that would give you natural-looking results but you'd worry about silent rupture.
  2. Or you could get saline implants that would give you peace of mind but you'worry about wrinkling and an unnatural feel.

Now there's a beautiful third choice: the structured implant (IDEAL Implant)

The revolutionary IDEAL Implant is a structured, saline-filled implant that combines the natural feel of silicone with the safety and peace of mind of saline. Created by a plastic surgeon, these FDA-approved structured implants use the most advanced technology to bring you a realistic, youthful look and feel without the drawbacks that concern women most—unnatural feel and silent rupture.

My patients love the new IDEAL Implant because they no longer have to choose between a beautiful, natural look and the confidence of knowing their implants will stay intact.

To find out if you're a good candidate for breast implants, and for more information on breast augmentation surgerywatch my short 2-minute video by clicking on the button below.

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 10 beautiful reasons women are choosing the IDEAL Implant

1. Youthful shape and natural feel

2. Smooth surface, not ripply like saline

3. Filled with saline that is easily and safely absorbed by the body if ruptured

4. No sticky silicone gel from ruptured implants in surrounding tissues

5. No silent ruptureyou can feel secure that your implants are intact

6. Lower rupture rate and higher rupture strength

7. A smaller incision than silicone gel implants

8. No costly MRIs needed to detect silicone gel rupture

9. Only available from Board Certified plastic surgeons

10. 10 year warranty 

Structured vs. saline implants

Saline is a safe, natural solution easily absorbed by the body in case of rupture. However, saline implants wrinkle and move like water balloons. 

Structured vs. silicone gel implants

When intact, silicone gel implants are FDA-approved and safe. But when they rupture, the implants and gel need to be removed. These ruptures are silent and can only be detected by an MRI, so women with silicone gel implants should have an MRI scan every 2 years to make sure they haven't ruptured.

Revolutionary structured design

shell.pngThe unique design of the IDEAL Implant is what gives it a natural look and feel without using silicone gel. It has a series of implant shells nested together and two separate chambers that hold the saline. Plus, it uses an advanced internal structure to control movement of the saline and support the implant edges to reduce collapse and wrinkling.

Approved by the FDA and Health Canada in 2014, the IDEAL IMPLANT has undergone 10 years of development, testing and refinement, including the clinical expertise of numerous plastic surgeons. 

Seeing is believing

To see unretouched “before and after” photos of actual patients of mine who have had successful breast augmentation, please visit the Breast Augmentation page in the Photo Gallery section of my website.

If you already have breast implants, please come see me

If it has been a few years (or more) since your breast augmentation surgery, it’s important to get them checked. I highly recommend doing this once a year. Please make an appointment to come in and see me so I can check for any problems. 

Considering breast augmentation?

If you are thinking about having breast implant surgery, please contact me for a free consultation and I will send you additional information prior to your appointment. During our meeting, I will assess the current appearance of your breasts, your reasons for wanting surgery, and your expectations. Then together, we will decide if the IDEAL Implant would be the right choice for you, or another option. (NOTE: the IDEAL Implant is not eligible for my special pricing.

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